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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  June 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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so i'm happy to help him, but whether he can learn anything or not, only time will tell about that and i'm certainly not -- i'm certainly not conceited enough to think that the guy who beat me in the race i'm going to teach anything to. we're friends. we talk all the time. and anything that i can do to help i'm happy to do so. >> a potential vp nominee? >> that's up to hillary clinton. my relationship with senator booker is well chronicled. i like senator booker. i have great respect for senator booker and we've been friends over the last, gosh, now 14 years. so i have great respect for corey. he's a good guy and i like him, but as to whether or not he should be hillary clinton's vice president, one, that's a decision only she can make, and, two, i wouldn't want to express an opinion because if i did, i might actually hurt his chances so i don't want to do that to corey. any other questions? >> governor, at any point do you think mr. trump's rhetoric has gone too far? was there any point where you said, wow, that went over the limit? >> i am sure if i sat back and
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thought about it that there would be times that i would think that there were things he said he shouldn't have said. quite frankly, he's admitted that over time there are things that he said that he shouldn't have said. but that happens to anybody in politics who speaks their mind. if you have this many microphones and cameras in front of you on a regular basis and you're not, you know, a preprogrammed, robotic politician, you're going to make some statements at times you wish you could take back. i have done it. he's done it. anybody who is honest this business has done it. that doesn't make him any different than anybody else who has run for office before, and, frankly, from my perspective it's refreshing to have somebody who is willing to speak their mind and you know is not reading from a script. there's lots of things you could say about donald. he's not reading from a script, i can guarantee you that. >> lindsey graham says -- >> he seems to double down. >> and consider unendorsing donald trump -- >> lindsey graham has changed his mind about who he is endorsing and not endorsing so
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many times it's hard for me to keep track. i think senator graham has lost any credibility he may have had at any time to give an opinion on this. the fact is senator graham was for himself. it's hard for me to keep track. then he was for jeb, think i think marco, then he was for ted after he told everybody ted could be murdered on the floor of the senate and he wouldn't get one vote for conviction. he should worry about going back to south carolina and trying to rebuild his base in south carolina or he won't be in the united states senate for much longer. >> governor, you seem to be saying that you don't necessarily disagree with the idea that judge's ethnic heritage -- >> matt, i'm not answering your questions. next. >> what about violence at trump rallies? >> i think it's awful that bernie sanders and hillary clinton have sent their supporters there in order to commit violent acts, and it's a terrible thing, and i think that both senator sanders and secretary clinton this week
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denounced the people finally who are supporters of theirs who are going to donald's rallies only to create violence. we saw that going as far back as chicago a couple months ago. these are people who say that they're open and tolerant and understanding of others' views, yet they stand outside and commit violent protest. everybody is allowed to protest. you can peacefully protest wherever you want. but they don't do that. they commit violent acts and that's wrong. that's wrong for anybody to do. >> then how about -- >> so, quite frankly, so, quite frankly, you know, secretary clinton and senator sanders should in my view be more outspoken and more direct about the fact that they want to instruct their supporters not to be violent when they're protesting at another candidates' rallies. it's simply wrong. i don't worry about cleveland at all. cleveland will have great secret service protection as every convention i have been to has had. i was there in 2000 in philadelphia. i was there in 2012 in tampa. and i'm sure that cleveland will
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have the same level of great protection, separate areas for protesters, and all the rest of that that they have at every national convention, that they will have in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. i don't worry about cleveland at all. i think cleveland will be a celebration of our nominee and the official beginning of the fall campaign and that will be a good thing. >> anything to say about hillary clinton now that she is officially clinched the nomination? >> nothing more than i have said already. listen, she is simply in my view unqualified to be president of the united states, and i think the country would move in an even worse direction than it's moved in the last eight years with barack obama if, in fact, hillary clinton were elected president. so whether she's officially the nominee or she was just assumed to be the nominee doesn't change my view of hillary clinton. so thank you all very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, governor. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. you have been looking at chris christie answering a lot of questions about donald trump. why? because moments ago a stunning moment in politics even by the
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stunningly high bar of the 2016 race, the republican speaker of the house, paul ryan, declaring that the presumptive republican nominee, a man he has now endorsed, is essentially engaging in racism. >> donald trump's comment about an american-born judge of mexican heritage has faced fierce backlash from outside and clearly inside his own party. speaker ryan knew, of course, that he would face this question today. listen to how he responded. >> i disallow these comments. i regret those comments that he made. i don't think -- claiming a person can't do their job because their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> textbook definition of a racist comment. this is the top elected republican in the country talking about the republican presidential nominee. senior political reporter manu raju was there. he is joining us live right now. he was responding -- he also responded to questions from you,
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manu, a stunning moment. >> reporter: it really was. it really just shows how difficult it has been for paul ryan and a lot of members of congress to get around the fact that donald trump is their party's nominee. remember, he did make that endorsement last week, but he really did it not with much fanfare, writing an op-ed in his local paper in janesville, wisconsin, but one of the things paul ryan has said throughout this campaign, he said actually to me a few months ago was that he would speak out against donald trump when he believed that conservatism in his words were being disfigured. clearly he thought the judge curiel comments were -- did meet that threshold. now, after he made that comment, a really stunning remark saying this was a textbook definition of a racist comment, i asked him how concerned are you that if donald trump continues to make comments about this, it will undercut the republican agenda in 2016? here is what he had to say. >> i do think these kimds of
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comments undercut these things and i'm not going to even pretend to defend them. i'm going to defend our ideas. i'm going to defend our agenda. what matters to us most is our principles and the policy that is come from those principles and our ability to give the people of this country a better way forward. a better way is what we're up to here and we believe we have a better likelihood of passing that than we would have a president clinton. >> reporter: and that's the worrisome thing here for paul ryan and for republicans as they're trying to present a vision for this country, as they're trying to show a contrast from democrats. as they're trying to unite after a very bitter primary. donald trump says things that divide their party and force them to get into this internal party civil war and could hurt their ability to hang onto control of congress. right here paul ryan tried to unveil part of his 2016 election year agenda in this low-income neighborhood in washington, d.c., to talk about how to address poverty, but, of course, all the questions were how do you deal with donald trump? and it's obviously a very
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difficult thing for him right now, but one thing to note, guys, he has not yet rescinded that endorsement of donald trump. he said that hillary clinton still would be better than donald trump -- sorry, donald trump would be better than hillary clinton, but that's one of the things that we're going to keep looking for if he's willing to walk away from that endorsement, guys. >> manu raju, fascinating to see paul ryan up there. let's talk about this more now with congressman lee zelden who has endorsed donald trump for president. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. speaker of the house paul ryan, you know, the senior elected official of your party right now, says that donald trump made a comment that is the textbook definition of a racist comment. do you agree? >> the way i subjectively define racism, i agree as well. i think that mr. trump made a regrettable mistake with his statement. i believe that it's a regrettable legal strategy. he's trying to win a case, and that strategy at this point has led to that particular
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calculation that has been made to go after the judge's heritage. i think we shouldn't be going after ethnicity and race with a judge to asunl thsume that they unqualified to serve as a judge in a particular case because of it. mr. trump believes that because of his positions on building a law that there is a connection. i don't know the judge. maybe there's something else that can come out that i'm not aware of, but with what i know, i'm not aware of this judge being unfit to handle this case because of the fact that he is of mexican heritage. >> congressman, this is very important. you agree with paul ryan. you agree with this already stunning statement coming from the house speaker that this -- what donald trump has said is the textbook definition of a racist comment. if donald trump in this comment is engaging in racism, are you still comfortable supporting him? >> quite frankly, the policies that i have seen from the democratic party when you're
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microtargeting a community and you are putting blacks together and hispanics together and certain economic messages and positions on issues, with the way i define racism i see it a lot in policies and statements that have taken place. i've been in congress for 18 months. i was a senator state senator for four -- i'm not saying are you now voting for hillary clinton, but are you still endorsing donald trump if you think he's engaging in racism? >> well, yes, it's donald trump versus hillary clinton, and it's a no-brainer between the two -- >> are you essentially saying that, yes, he's a racist but he's our racist? >> no, i think that donald trump as far as his character goes, he isn't making that statement because he feels like he is superior because, you know, he is white and the judge is mexican. i don't believe he's making that statement because internally, you know, he feels like he is of a superior race. i mean, there -- >> but is a little bit racist
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okay? >> being racist ever -- no one with any policy, with any statement, i quite frankly think that whether it is people who are running for president of the united states, people who have been in that position, people who are in congress or state legislators, people running for office, the american public, we all can do a lot better in the way we handle these issues, not just statements but policies as well. so being a little racist or very racist is not okay, but, quite frankly, the agenda that i see and all the microtargeting to blacks and hispanics from a policy standpoint, you know, that's more offensive to me, what i have seen through the years, than this one statement which i don't believe is a result of donald trump feeling like he is spooerror because he's white and not mexican. >> what would you call someone who calls racist statements? what would a statement who makes racist statement be? >> everyone calls them a racist. >> if donald trump is making racist statements, you're saying he's a racist. >> again, if he internally felt
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superior because he is white and he's not hispanic, if he felt superior because he was white and he wasn't black or, you know, he was, you know, christian and not jewish, i mean, could you start getting into the weeds internally as far as a person's character goes, but, quite frankly, what i have seen through the years is an offensive microtargeting on policy and rhetoric of campaigns that people want votes -- by the way, i don't think that donald trump's statement was a statement made intentionally because he wants to win the president of the united states. i think it's primarily focused because he wants to win this case -- >> but he brought it into a campaign speech. he spent minutes talking about it. he was the first person who brought up the judge'sjudge's h. when it comes down to it you are comfortable saying that donald trump, your nominee, is racist. >> again, we can -- i can
8:13 am
argue -- >> right but here is the thing, you can't -- >> -- the president -- >> don't you judge character on people's words? isn't that one of the only things you have to judge a presidential candidate on what they believe inside? >> there's more than just words to define a person and, by the way, aside from words, there's a whole lot more to define everybody, but you can easily argue that the president of the united states is a racist with his policies and his rel rick. you could go back -- >> but you're not arguing that. just to be clear you're not arguing -- >> i'm not -- my purpose here isn't to just go through the list and call everyone a racist. i'm saying we all can up our game with rhetoric and policy because america, we are a nation of immigrants. we are a melting pot. i'm from new york. new york is a melting pot. we all can do so much better. >> i got to say, congressman, has donald trump put you in an incredibly awkward position today in this campaign? >> well, i don't feel uncomfortable at all because i'm
8:14 am
comfortable in my own skin and being here answering whatever questions you have. i believe that primarily for mr. trump, it's a regrettable legal strategy. i don't think it's going to help his case. i also don't -- >> do you think it's going to help his politics? >> i also don't think it helps his politics. so it was an unfortunate statement that was made, and, again, there is a lesson to be learned. there's inspiration to be found because all across the board this isn't just one candidate for president of the united states. we have people who are in elected office at federal level, state level, people running for office who with statements and with policy arguably with the way i define racism fit the bill. >> congressman, we do appreciate you coming in and answering these questions. despite what you say, i don't think it can be an easy day for you, so we do appreciate your time here. thanks so much. >> thank you so much, congressman. really appreciate it. just ahead for us, several republican critics of trump are reacting to paul ryan's remark and whether the speaker should now withdraw his endorsement.
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plus, history made. hillary clinton becoming the first woman in american history to clinch a major party's nomination. she is the presumptive nominee, but as voters head to the polls as we speak, bernie sanders disagrees very much with that call. his campaign manager is joining us live next. hey, ready foyeah. big meeting? >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription
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this is it. new jersey, new mexico, montana, both dakotas and california, all six of you are on the clock. after this it's just washington, d.c., left to vote as this unforgettable 2016 primary season winds down. >> increasingly unforgettable. >> every minute. >> voters head to the polls as hillary clinton really makes history right now. she is the first woman to become the presumptive presidential nominee of a major party. that is in the some 240 years in the history of our nation. hillary clinton has 2,384 delegates right now. that is if you include the superdelegates which we are including. cnn political director david chalian is here to explain how hillary clinton did clinch it overnight while at least some of us who have morning shows were sleeping. >> hey, guys. so, yes, as you said, john, as you know, the way we've been
8:20 am
tracking delegates, we track these two different kind of delegates. 85% of the delegate universe are pledged delegates based on the results of primaries and caucuses. 15% of the overall delegate universe are these unpledged delegates, so-called superdelegates. they are free agents. they could decide to support whichever candidate they want at any time right up until they cast their ballot on the convention floor in philadelphia. you see the split on your screen. hillary clinton has 1,812 pledged delegates to date. 572 super sell gdelegates compa bernie sanders 1,521 and 47 superdelegates. yes, the superdelegates that we're able to say those numbers is because of our reporting over the last many months since last fall. our team in the cnn political unit has been reaching out to these superdelegates, tracking their public statements of support, calling them and asking them who they're supporting, and
8:21 am
we confirm that support and then that goes into our totals, but the caveat should be noted that they are free to change their mind. we have yet to find a single superdelegate that season in our tracking that has changed their mind from clinton to sanders. there's been one superdelegate in our tracking this season who did change his mind. he was originally a sanders superdelegate and then he switched to become a clinton superdelegate. >> an important note. and if it changes, we go back to the math and we go back to the drawing board on that. david chalian, great to see you. long day ahead for david. thank you so much. let's talk much more about this with bernie sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver who is joining us from california. jeff, thank you so much for joining us. so you heard david chalian right there. other networks have made the call as well. hillary clinton is the presump
8:22 am
at this democr presumptive democratic nominee. do you have a problem with it? >> the problem is the increation of the superdelegates is a little misleading given that the is up del -- superdelegates don vote until july. you have polled some superdelegates and at this point they are supporting clinton clinton but there's a long way to go between now and the convention. a lot can happen between now and then. bernie sanders is a much stronger general election candidate than secretary clinton. the case can be made to the superdelegates as we get closer to their election, today we're having elections in six states but the super sell gat election is in july, and as we get closer we'll make the case that bernie sanders is the person who should be the standard bearer. >> it is true in the polls bernie sanders is doing better against donald trump than hillary clinton. it is also true news organizations have made this type of declaration before. barack obama was the presumptive nominee based on our polling of
8:23 am
superdelegates. walter mondale was the presumptive nominee based on our polling of superdelegates. this is the way it works. this is the reporting. you do understand that, yes, jeff? >> this is the way you do it, john. it doesn't mean it is the way it is. it's the way cnn and other media chooses to do it -- >> have done it. >> other states are voting today. let those people vote and decide before the media tells them that the race is over. what's the point of suppressing voter turnout in six states across the country to have a quick news hit that could easily have been done tonight? >> we're just telling people what we're hearing. we're just telling people what we're hearing from the polls. we report a lot on polls. we report a lot on what voters tell us and officials tell us. you could say we're withholding information from the public if we didn't tell them but we understand your point. we want to move on to other questions. >> we do. >> sure, of course, please. >> you've probably become well aware that barack obama is likely to endorse hillary clinton as early as this week is
8:24 am
the reporting. what do you say to that? >> what i would say is the president has been very even-handed throughout this whole process and it's greatly appreciated certainly by the senator and our campaign. the president is his own person and he'll obviously do what he wants on his own time table. so i don't have much more to say about it than that. >> there was a phone call apparently on sunday between the president and the senator. can you tell us what was said during that conversation? >> no. as i said to some of the other news people, i'm not one to repeat what goes on in phone calls or meetings or even to confirm that a phone call went on so i'm not going to be much help on that one i'm afraid. >> did the president indicate that he would be endorsing hillary clinton? >> well, i'm just -- thanks, kate. i'm not going to discuss what went on in a private phone call between the senator and the president if one happened. >> but jeff is it say nice try which is nice. i do appreciate that. we understand after tonight in santa monica the senator is there, i think you're there with him, tonight back to vermont to
8:25 am
assess the state of the campaign. what are the considerations, jeff, as of tomorrow? >> well, you know, one of the criteria is that the district of columbia is voting next week. bernie sanders said he's going to be in this until all the voting is done. we already have a rally tentatively scheduled for sunday in washington, d.c., so the senator will be going and campaigning down in the district of columbia. why should the people of the district of columbia be deprived of voting? it's a little ironic given they've been deprived of voting for a number of congress. so he intends to campaign in the district of columbia and obviously, you know, we are always assessing the campaign and what's the best way to advance the campaign and secure the nomination. so that will be a continuing conversation among the senator and his senior staff as we go forward this week and next week. >> what are the chances with the assessment tomorrow -- that the assessment tomorrow is that your campaign does not continue? >> oh, that our campaign does not continue tomorrow? i think there's zero chance of
8:26 am
that. >> is there a 100% chance you will fight this out on the convention floor in july? >> look, the senator has said he wants to go all the way to the convention. i have been with the senator for 30-some-odd years. if the senator wants to go to the convention, i will certainly be there with him, but at this point the senator has made very clear that he wants to go all the way to the convention. >> jeff, we heard from david chalian and it's an important data point, that cnn has yet to find a single superdelegate to switch over from hillary clinton to bernie sanders throughout this fight, and this is after you've won states. this is after -- as you've been going up in the polls. what's going to change after today? what specifically is going to change between now and the convention that you think superdelegates are going to come flooding your way? >> well, i think it's true of all voters whether they're superdelegates for people on the street. they focus more on the election as it gets closer and they have more information. the superdelegate election is at the convention at the end of
8:27 am
july. as we get closer i think superdelegates will focus more on the issue of electability and who had help detective democrats up and down the bal bloballot. i think the superdelegates will focus on who should be the standard bearer. we have to stop trump. there's no doubt about that. >> jeff weaver, thank you for being with us. whatever happens tonight or tomorrow or this week, what you have accomplished over the last year there are few people in the political world who thought it possible. so congratulations on that, jeff. >> well, thank you very much, and i'm always glad to be on your show. i appreciate it. >> thank you, jeff. thank you, john berman. >> you know. >> you know. coming up next, the clinton campaign responds live. plus we'll ask about nancy pelosi pushing for an all-woman ticket. and much more on our breaking news. paul ryan, the senior elected republican official in the
8:28 am
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all right. the final super tuesday of this primary season is under way. voters in six states at this moment at the polls. this just hours after hillary clinton made history by being the first woman to surpass the delegate mark and become the presumptive democratic nominee. >> but the clinton campaign says, wait, stop, hold the balloon drop.
8:33 am
joining us now is a spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign, brian fallon. >> just 24 hours. we can have balloons later today, but we've got six states voting today. >> don't jump on top of me. it is 11:32 and 55 seconds as we speak. is hillary clinton the presumptive nominee. >> we will look forward tonight to marking, to having reached the threshold of the majority of the pledged delegates but we need california, new jersey, and the four other states to achieve that milestone. >> isn't there something odd about the fact that for a year you have been trying to win the nomination and then when all the media organizations say it happened, you're saying, no, no, no, no, we don't want it, not yet, not now. >> standard you all used last night is the standard that was good enough for everyone to agree that barack obama --
8:34 am
>> so take yes for an answer. >> we are setting a higher bar. we're going to honor the primary throughout and that's what we're doing. >> if barack obama wants to endorse hillary clinton tomorrow before bernie sanders makes a decision about what he intends to do in this race, if bernie sanders is still in the race, would you welcome that endorsement? do you want that endorsement. >> absolutely. we'll welcome the endorsements of many leaders who have remained neutral. leader pelosi came out this morning and endorsed up. we have the potential to pick up big endorsements from leading figures in the party that have up until now honored the process by not picking sides. >> are you essentially happy having president obama be the decider in this? if the president comes out and says hillary clinton is the democratic nominee and i endorse her -- >> well, the president -- >> that's pretty deciding. >> the president is going to decide on his own the timing for
8:35 am
any endorsement he might make but i don't think after tonight there will be any doubt left. by every possible standard, accounting for every possible concern senator sanders has put forward at various points in the process, hillary clinton will be the nominee. if you look at popular vote, states won, who has had more of the recent states, 9 out of the last 13 contests. if you remove superdelegates from the equation, she will have won everywhere. but kept superdelegates but aportioned them based on what won which state. there's no way to change the calculus in terms of who the nominee is. >> can i ask you a quick policy question? the state department will not release e-mails regarding the ttp. it's been foia'd. the state department says they won't release those e-mails
8:36 am
after the election. in the interest of transparency, and we know how you feel about transparency, would you like to see the e-mails released now? >> i'm not sure what went into the decisionmaking but that is not anything we have input on. that's a decision that's made by the current administration. it wouldn't have anything to do i don't think -- >> but if someone asked you, would you like to see them out? >> obviously our preference would always be to err on the side of transparency. that's allowing for whatever certain sensitivities may still exist that are only known to the administration officials that are still in government service. for hillary clinton's part, i think she would always want to err on the side of transparency but i don't know what particular considerations are in the minds of those official approximates. >> brian fallon, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. is there an off-ramp now for republicans who have endorsed donald trump? senator lindsey graham urging republicans to think about taking that off-ramp if it
8:37 am
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i disavow these comments. i regret those comments that he made. i don't think -- claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> i know donald trump. i have nobody hknown him for 14 and donald trump is not a racist. the allegations that he is is contrary to every experience i have had with him over the last 14 years so we're going to end it there. >> an extraordinary day in politics -- >> kind of sums it up. >> it's not even noon. want to talk about all of this with our panel. jim geraghty at the national review, steve lonegan of the korv conservatives pac. avenues supporter of ted cruz. also former republican party official doug heye and back with us once again, lee zeldin.
8:42 am
jim, way tonight start with you, paul ryan just said those comments made by donald trump, the comments are the textbook definition of a racist comment. yet he still supports donald trump for president. which, by the way, i should add is the position of the man sitting next to you, congressman lee zeldin. how awkward is that right now for the republican party? >> you poor, poor man. no one should put you in this position. you don't deserve this. you're better than this. look, you want to know the great thing about being never trump like most of the folks at national review, we don't have to defend any of this crap. we were against trump from the beginning and most of us are still against trump. we don't have to say it's not that bad or maybe he's got a legitimate reason to call that indiana-born judge a mexican. we don't have to make excuses for it. he's put his supporters into an impossible situation. and i was yelling at them on the conference call, what are they supposed to do? say it's completely normal to call the judge a mexican? it's completely normal to say
8:43 am
because he's a member of this latino lawyers group, clearly he's a crazed activist? if he was that bad a judge, why has trump's lawyer not filed for a mistrial or recusal? >> congressman? >> right now we have donald trump and hillary clinton and i understand very much the position of the people who have been in the never-trump movement the entire time. but at this particular point in time what i really don't want to see is hillary clinton and her policies ending up in the white house for another four years and not just four years in the white house -- >> hold on. >> but the supreme court for the next one generation or two generations. that concerns me. so i mean i completely get everyone who has been behind never-trump movement this entire time. at this point though i really don't want to make sure that that debate over donald trump and something that was side ends up leading to a supreme court for the next generation that is now seven, eight judges the wrong way. >> you know, congressman, there's an old saying in politics when you're defending,
8:44 am
you're losing. right now the republican party is defending itself every step of the way. you comment you saw by paul ryan will be a democrat tv commercial come october. you will see that all over the country. since the indiana primary, i have woken up every morning looking for a reason to support donald trump and it's going in the other direction. if anything what you have seen from donald trump -- we all agree it's racism but what you see is incredible poor judgment and what appears to me an apparent disregard for the rest of his team. he doesn't seem to care about the damage he's doing to congressman zeldin or the rest of the republican party. it doesn't seem to faze him in the least. we're going into a convention in july, it's incumbent, there's a moral obligation for the delegates in that convention to nominate the best candidate to beat hillary clinton. it's clearly not donald trump. i don't care what the rules say i'm calling for an insurrection. these delegates have an obligation on day one. i don't care about being bound on the first ballot. this guy is going to lose. he's going to take the republican party down to a
8:45 am
cataclysmic defeat. >> what do you have to lose? >> nothing. >> nominate the guy who is going to run around screaming about judges? if you're sufficiently swathy enough, you're mexican, you're not really american? the republican party can't stand for that. >> doug, the lindsey graham said for "the new york times" if anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it. congressman zeldin is not looking for the off-ramp as of today. do you think others are though? >> i think others sure are, and you look at the remarks from paul ryan, not just defining these as racism but what paul ryan was focused on today was talking about an anti-poverty agenda, talking about real issues, and this is where trump threatens republicans up and down the ballot. we had a dismal jobs report on friday. instead of talking about that jobs report and contrasting your vision with hillary clinton, what we've done is spent four days directed by trump to talk about a judge that he doesn't like in his case about his fake college, and we now know from the conference call that they had, that this is directed by the campaign. this is what they want to talk
8:46 am
about and it's why for so many folks like myself and jim who was anti-trump, he was country when country wasn't cool, folks like jim and i understand that -- >> i have never been cool. >> when you hear trump surrogates and trump officials on tv, what you're also hearing in the background is the finger snapping from the addams family theme because we're just not on planet earth anymore. >> and i really think that, you know, we need to debate this issue more often, and not just right now in the height -- listen, it's a perfect point. when we had the charleston shooting, the president of the united states blames racism. when we had the virginia shooting, he blamed guns. and the narrative then ends up getting filtrated so that the debate in charleston ends up being about racism and we're talking about gun control with regards to virginia. >> i'll tell you one thing, you don't hear any of that from donald trump. what you hear his focus right now is on -- he says i don't care whether or not he's mexican. he's not mexican. he's born in my home state of indiana.
8:47 am
i don't know how much more you have to say about that. but he's going there. he is going there. >> you can't defend it. >> do you project there's a line that could be crossed that you would pull back? >> i think that we have elected officials and candidates all of the time going across a line with racism. in my opinion. >> h >> you live in a diverse district. how do you explain to your constituents that you're sating on our show saying he made racist comments. people who make racist comments are by definition racist but i'm voting for him for president and i think you you should too. >> over 73% in my district are voting for donald trump. you can't go around and call every one of my constituents -- that's my district -- >> that's are your -- you are a representative of your district and they are speaking to you. >> and there are reasons for supporting donald trump. they're not supporting him because they think that he's a racist or they weren't -- there
8:48 am
are people who are voting against him because they like hillary clinton or they like bernie sanders. there are a lot of people in my district supporting donald trump because his positions on common core, obamacare, wanting to bring back the jobs. >> hang on. let's go around the table quickly. jim, doug, steve. >> you must feel like a pinata right now and i feel kind of bad to get constantly bashed by this, but this is only going to get worse for republicans. there is no better trump behind a curtain waiting to be unveiled. he's not going to get more sensible or more constructive with his words. this is who he is. he has the impulse control of a toddler and there's no reason to think that by november he will pull his act together, we'll stop making controversial statements. this is the trump brand. nationalism. why would the republicans ever want to be associated with this? because they will lose every swing state and every swing district. >> what about the supreme court? >> it doesn't matter if you lose. >> doug, go ahead. >> this is exactly why paul ryan is trying to talk about issues because republican kansas city win on issues but donald trump
8:49 am
won't talk about issues. if you're the hillary clinton campaign, brian fallon, this is the exact script you want to write. hillary clinton is going to try to unify her party tonight and tomorrow. republicans are fight being whether or not their candidate is racist, and he sure is saying racist things. >> steve, is hillary clinton a better option than donald trump? >> i'm not voting for hillary clinton but i'm also not voting for donald trump. the conservative pac, we're focused down ballot. we can't do anything about what's happening in the white house. this is a debacle. we're defending gentlemen like this one and others. i want to remind everybody there is a primary in new jersey today and in california. i would watch very carefully the kind of numbers donald trump gets because if trump gets under 80% unopposed in these primaries he's got a big problem and so does all the republican party. >> you mentioned new jersey. you are from new jersey. >> and i'm on -- >> where has chris christie been? he just was -- when he was out voting, he is just approached by reporters and they asked him
8:50 am
every which way what he said. he said donald trump is not a racist. he also said that he is not going to critique a campaign while they are in it. it's about winning, not losing. >> i don't know what to say about what governor christie is doing right now. his polling numbers are in the dirt. he says it doesn't bother him. let's see how donald trump does in new jersey today. and pay attention to these numbers. they're going to tell us quite a bit. our delegates have an obligation come july to do what's right for the republican party, not just donald trump. >> are you calling for a revolt? >> it's time to get backbone and stand up against this guy. maybe he'll do a turnaround but if this continues come next november, they'll have a big problem. >> thank you so much for being with us, guys. >> thank you. hillary clinton making history. but hold off popping the
8:51 am
champagne bottles, her campaign says, and hold the balloon drop. bernie sanders' campaign said it's zero chance this fight ends tomorrow. >> and be sure to get the latest on how cnn counts the delegates on the app. i was just checking it right there. you can download it from the app store and don't forget to watch our special coverage of the final super tuesday at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >> we'll be right back. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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8:56 am
when you add up the math, hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee. despite that, bernie sanders' campaign manager was with us a short time ago that said there's zero percent chance that the sanders campaign ends come tomorrow after the big votes tomorrow. let's discuss this right now with bill burton, press conference in president obama's administration. thank you for coming in. >> there's news that president obama is likely to endorse hillary clinton early as this week. you were part of that conversation. the choreography behind the meeting in unity new hampshire in 2008 when they came together and a lot of folks have been talking about in recent days because they're wondering if they'll see that between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. take us behind the scenes. what is going on behind the
8:57 am
scenes as president obama talked through the plans and this endorsement? >> well, look. i think, first of all, it makes sense that the president would be involved. he's the leader of the party. and bernie sanders is one of the progressive leaders in that party now. but ultimately, this is going to have to be brokered between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as we wait and see how sanders reacts to the results tomorrow night. so i think they will take the lead. but the president, i think, wants to get involved. you know how he feels about secretary clinton. he said for a long time he thinks she is a strong leader and would do a great job as president. but i think this is something where the two people who are at the center of this are going to be at the forefront. >> so the president and bernie sanders talked on the phone on sunday. you've been around the president who's made phone calls. how does that call go? hey, bernie. it's barry. guess what i'll do later this week. what happens in that conversation? >> you'd be surprised he rarely
8:58 am
refers to himself as barry. second, bernie sanders is now a basketball fan. maybe they talk basketball. but honestly, i think that president obama probably called him as he's called him in the past to talk about the issues that are important to both of them. >> come on, no heads up? no heads up this is going to happen? >> i don't know what happened in the conversation, but i think this was probably something where the president talked about the importance with the threat of donald trump and what would happen if someone like that, the segment showed would be a disaster for the country, is a disaster for the republican party up and down the ticket. but i think that the president probably just talked about the stakes and what we're facing in this fall. >> you said that hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they need to be central in this unification, obviously, and what happens and how this moves forward for democrats. you've been through this before.
8:59 am
i mean, president obama and then candidate obama. he had to reach out to win over hillary clinton supporters. what does hillary clinton need to do this time? >> i think she has to do the same thing. i think she's going to have to show the progressive fight that bernie sanders has brought to the national conversation is an important part of what she's running on. she's been talking about taking on the banks and income inequality. she has to show bernie sanders' supporters their fight is her fight and maybe their candidate didn't win, but, you know, we're moving towards the fall and there's a choice between two candidates. hillary clinton and donald trump and the stakes are very, very high. i don't think she'll get the supporters by default. i think she'll have to work to get them like president obama had to work to get hillary clinton supporters. but in 2008, hillary clinton was an awesome supporter of president obama and when she went to the convention and she nominated him and moved that.
9:00 am
they supported by acclimation and gave one of the best speeches of her whole career, she showed that the stakes were very high and if john mccain were to be president, it's the same. it's the same here with donald trump but the stakes are even higher. i think a lot are hoping bernie sanders comes on board sooner rather than later. >> thank you. thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." today, for the first time in american history, a woman is a majority party nominee for the president of the united states. whatever your politics are, we need to mark this moment in american history. and also, today, millions of people are voting right now in


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